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Mindray MSK 50

    Mindray MSK 50

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    Mindray MSK 50
    Portable Ultrasound Diagnostic Ultrasound System

    The MSK 50 Diagnostic Ultrasound System is designed to meet the needs of clinicians' busy and challenging point-of-care environments. With MSK 50's crystal clarity and crisp, clear image quality, it can perform any exam, from abdominal to vascular to cardiac, with efficiency and accuracy. Just by choosing a transducer, the MSK 50's brings you more benefits in more ways than ever with wellness within reach.

    Exceptional ergonomics by design

    MSK-50 has been designed following a careful study of the changing needs of clinical practices. A smart new shape, enhanced mobility and more convenient operation make it a system that is well-suited for clinical settings.

    • Sleek, streamlined, compact shape
    • User friendly keyboard and controls
    • Lightweight system for enhanced mobility
    • High resolution, wide-angle 15” LCD with tilt functionality for better viewing

    Diagnostic confidence with advanced imaging technologies

    The MSK-50 incorporates advanced technologies that deliver deeper penetration and higher resolution. This results in a more confident diagnosis across a range of clinical applications..

    • iTouch™ Auto Optimization:
    • One touch image optimization, quickly optimizes the uniformity and dynamic range, very convenient and efficient
    • iBeam Spatial Compounding Insonates tissues from different angles, reducing anisotropy and aiding needle visualization.
    • iClear™ Speckle Suppression
    • Scale the image size to intelligently detect structures of different sizes, improve accuracy.
    • Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging.
    • Enhance contrast resolution and improve image quality by separating the base frequency and harmonic content.
    • Intelligent Workflow with More Efficiency.

    Intelligent Workflow with More Efficiency

    MSK-50’s concise graphical user interface is well organized s control area, clip board area and image area. This helps users to remain focused and to leverage the full diagnostic potential of the system all the times.

    • Quick Save - One push image transfer to local or directly to USB
    • Onboard reporting - Standard templates for various applications
    • DICOM 3.0 Compliant - Structured reporting Worklist, DICOM print Storage
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